Monday, June 7, 2010

Newest Purchase

I decided that since we will be sending out a lot of mail in the near future; save the dates, invites & thank yous, I wanted to get us a custom made stamp. So, I started my search on and came across Letter Girl's shop.

Unlike the rest of the stamp shops hers looked unique and not like the addresses were just designed on Word or Photoshop with interesting fonts (don't get me wrong, those shops were nice but they were not what I was looking for).

I chose the 'Wedding Vintage Address Stamp with Wooden Handle' style.

As I want to be able to use this stamp now and after we are married I decided to only put our first names. I'm very excited to receive it!

*How bad is it that I don't want to send any mail, including a RSVP to a wedding that's due this month, until I get this stamp (which won't be for a month)?!

My growing list of DIY projects

Perhaps it is because I've looked up to Martha for 10 years now on what makes a beautiful wedding or maybe its my stubborn insistence to do as much of this wedding on my own as possible, but my list of DIY projects is by no means small.

Let me state right now that I DO realize that DIY means a lot of work. I am not naive, but I believe with enough time and planning anything is doable.

Now for the list:

The Ceremony
  1. Writing our vows
  2. Programs
  3. Refreshment table
  4. Signage

The Reception/Dinner & Dance

  1. Venue Decorations
  2. Table Centre Pieces
  3. Supplying cutlery, dinnerware & glassware - I've got a quote on rentals and am just comparing the price to buying the supplies at yard sales.
  4. Guest Book
  5. Cocktail 'hour' - appetizer table
  6. Mini cakes for dessert
  7. Music - one of my best friend's laptop and ipod is a strong contender for DJ; we may still hirer one though.


  1. Invitations and other stationary
  2. Alterations to wedding dress and addition of a little jacket
  3. Bridesmaids' gowns
  4. Groomsmen vests
  5. My hair fastener/veil
  6. Bouquets & boutonnieres
  7. more to come I'm sure....