Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passing down the gown, or is it up?

Recently my sister suggested that I should wear her wedding dress when I get married. To say that I was touched is an understatement. I reminded her that I wanted a tea length dress, which hers was not, and she responded "So, cut it". OMG, I don't think I can do that! She says that its just sitting in her closet so why not?

Since this conversation I have been re-evaluating my need to have a shorter dress. Basically my main draw to the short dress is now getting the hem stained by the grass or stepping on it while I dance, but I suppose I could work around that. I still just not that comfortable hacking up my sister's gorgeous gown.
{My sister & brother-in-law}*

My other 'problem' with the style of my sister's dress is the fact that it is strapless. When she got married in 2005 this was still a new look, at least among our family and friends, but now its everywhere and quite frankly I don't want that. But then I saw this gorgeous bride (Vintage Glam Weddings featured Jessica Kettles Photography and I found this on her site....definitely check out her blog for all the photos) and thought "This is what I need to do". Having a high collared little short sleeved jacket made for the dress is a hell of a lot simpler to do then a complete dress.

{Ashley & Curtis via Jessica Kettle Photography}

*Not sure how my sister will feel about her picture on her so that might come down if she voices any concern.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Savory Pies

As I've mentioned before, I love pie. And not just fruit pies. I love the idea of serving individual savory pies for the main dish at a wedding reception but my dilemma lies in the fact that I most definitely will host my wedding outside or at least somewhere that doesn't have a kitchen. The pies can be cooked ahead of time but how do you warm 150 individual pies with out an oven?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can this be mine?

1. I love Super8 video. Actually love doesn't begin to describe the butterflies I get when I watch them.

2. Every detail of this wedding is beautiful.

Our Wedding from Eric Whedbee on Vimeo.
{via 100 Layer Cake}

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello Beautiful...

If I could find a tree like this, I would get married under it too...

{via Style Me Pretty}

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just say NO to the Dress - A rant.

Recently I was watching an episode of "Say Yes To the Dress", which to begin with has wrong written all over it as it represents everything that annoys me about weddings but I was stuck in a hotel room and there wasn't much else on. This episode was about the budget minded bride and how the economy was affecting how much a bride was willing to spend on their dress (duh!).

The words of wisdom imparted from the manager to the consultants before the store opened for the day was that because of the economy being what it was when a bride says their budget is x amount don't bother to try and sell them xx amount because they aren't going to have room in their budget regardless of how much they love the more expensive dress.

First, WTF. I think its terrible that the shops are blatant about their planned up selling to brides on a regular day. Why is that just because the economy sucks now you shouldn't bother up selling to a bride? Why can't you just respect the bride's budget regardless of the economic situation.

Secondly, WTF to the brides. If you don't have money you shouldn't be shopping in an extremely expensive bridal salon! Why tempt yourself with something that is way above your budget.

Through out the show they do the individual interviews with future brides and consultants. One consultant explains to the camera that when you are working with a smaller budget you should cut your guest list and spend less on flowers so that you have more to buy your perfect dress with. Seriously?! If money is an issue I personally think you are deluding yourself if you think cutting back in some places just so you can afford a $10,000 is a wise move. Why not cut back EVERYWHERE and maybe, just maybe you won't go into debt over the wedding and have some money left over to start off your married life?

It bothers me that these wedding "reality" shows (which I'm guilty of watching) insist that you can have a budget friendly wedding and still have the extremely expensive items that particular show is promoting. It doesn't work like that.

Of course if you have the money and you want to by the $10000 wedding dress then go for it, if that's your thing. I personally would rather spend my money on entertaining my guests, good food, a honeymoon or future plans, not a dress that I will wear for ONE day of my life. But that's just me.