Thursday, February 26, 2009

Budget Loop Holes

So I've been thinking that since I'm not engaged yet and even when that does happen I won't be getting married any earlier then a year and half from now, does it count towards my budget if I start buying things now? The way I figure!

Here's my plan, I love entertaining and if I gradually buy things that I would want for my future wedding but use then now and afterwards for other parties, they shouldn't count as money spent from my wedding budget. TECHNICALLY I could get by with out them in my life when throwing parties that aren't my wedding but I think they will make things prettier and I consider these parties trial runs.

So come spring I want to start my hunt for the following things, at yard sales and second hand/antique shops:
  1. Strings of outdoor lighting

  2. Jugs, pitchers and/or glass beverage dispenser

  3. Flatware, dinnerware & cups

  4. Mason Jars

  5. Vintage sheets

  6. Cake stands

  7. Serving platters and deep bowls

I'm also looking for a farmhouse style hutch for my kitchen but that isn't really wedding/party related. I just want it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I really really want...

Today I was reading through and I came across a link to an Etsy seller that makes recycled rings, more specifically wedding rings. I LOVE, love, love them. Now I know I mentioned in a previous post a list of likes for my future engagement ring. Well it isn't necessary now because this is what I want. SERIOUSLY. Its almost at the point that when I saw it I was tempted to email the link to my BF as an FYI that this is what I want when the day comes. Of course I held back. No point scaring him off or thinking I'm crazy. But I'm pleading with you...if you have the opportunity to influence his choice this is it.
  1. I think they are beautiful and simple

  2. Its cost effective. Each ring costs approximately $300 US

  3. Its recycled metal

  4. Its apparently vegan, meaning no animal products (pearls, silk, leather, etc.) were used in its construction...which is pretty darn cool

  5. And did I mention that I think they are beautiful?

Friday, February 13, 2009


Since I DO want an ring, in case he ever asks you for help...
  1. I do NOT want to pick it out. When he proposes there should be a ring in his hand.
  2. I am not comfortable wearing extremely expensive jewelry. I'm paranoid I will loose it or damage it. I would be happy if he spent less then a grand.

  3. Vintage/Antique is better

  4. It doesn't have to be a solitaire or even a diamond for that matter, I'm more interested in design then the cut or carats.

Navy & Yellow

Since RED, BLUE & WHITE reminds too many of my Canadian friends and family of a truly American affair I've been looking for other combos that use either the blue or the red, and lately I've come across some beautiful blue and yellow templates. I was never a huge fan of yellow but I find its growing on me. And pairing it with a dark blue like navy I think I can pull it off in a late summer/fall gathering rather then giving off too much of a spring feel.

I especially like the idea of using the yellow for my shoes and navy suits for the men like this gorgeous couple features at Green Wedding Shoes. This is also the length of dress that I'm currently in love with!


Yesterday my cell rang at work, it was my BF's mother. She wanted to tell me of a conversation she had just had with her son about what to buy me for my birthday.

She wanted to know if he had any ideas and he mentioned that I had wanted a food processor (which is true) but she thought this was a terribly 'old married couple' thing to get and that he needed to buy something more personal. The conversation then lead to the fact that a ring is personal and maybe he should consider getting THAT for me.

My BF's response? "No mom, she DOESN'T want a ring"!!!!

Excuse me, how wrong can a guy get?

Needless to say she is quite concerned that this is true, hence the phone call and considering that at Christmas they had a very similar conversation I shouldn't be surprised. She thinks that perhaps I've given him the wrong impression and should 'try harder'. At least I know that she wants me in the family!

Basically I figure that since this has happened twice now I should probably clear things up with him, just in case he's silly enough to think that statement is true.