Monday, July 12, 2010

My wedding day nemesis

Having an outside wedding, the mosquito is a bigger concern for me then the weather. My venue is large enough that I can do the ceremony inside if I have to. I won't be happy but at least we'll be dry.

I am currently deciding on the best way to combat the unwanted mosquitoes. Since the venue is at a private park they don't fog but will let my father do so on the wedding day, they aren't happy about it but they didn't say no so we're doing it.

I'm mainly concerned about the ceremony as its on the grass, as well as late at night when the mosquitoes tend to come out more. So I am planning on providing a basket of bug spray for people to apply liberally through out the night.

And my mister's parents just bought a Off! Power Pad that seems to be working for them and I noticed that a few other friends have them so I thought I'd pick two up for our yard and gather up as many as I can on the wedding day.

Here's one of my budget loop holes; I do not think I should have to account for the actually cost of the Off!Power Pad lanterns ($15/each), just the refills that I will use the night of the wedding. I don't think I'm being 'tricky' as I actually will use the lanterns at home this season and going forward. I don't think it should matter that my main objective for these are my wedding!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My weakness

I love gorgeous stationary and would order letter press in a heart beat for my invitations if my budget didn't loom over my head constantly, forcing me to be responsible. So I am left envious of the brides that got to have theirs professionally designed for their weddings...

...And hope that I can be creative enough to DIY my own like these brides...

So I'm considering buying a used Gocco kit either through eBay or a wedding website like Weddingbee so that I can hand draw/write them and also print them on kraft paper or something different. Just trying to decide if its worth the investment.