Monday, September 14, 2009

Who knew

I love the color yellow, or at least in wedding decorating settings.
For years I've hated the idea of wearing yellow and have shied away from even the idea of buying clothing in that color, or decorating my house with it but the more and more I see it this year in wedding photos the more I want it for my own. It is so bright and fun! It makes me smile.
I am slightly concerned that this proves how easily manipulated I can be by beautiful photos. Am I a follower? Will yellow seem disgusting to me again, when my wedding day finally comes because it is no longer the "IT" color of the season? Or is it merely that I've been educated by other bloggers, through gorgeous photography and beautiful DIY projects, of the wonder of YELLOW and will love it forever? I'm hoping for the later.

{via With this Ring}

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