Thursday, October 22, 2009

Logistics of preparing the food

I'm still set on the idea of a family style serving for the reception dinner, as I feel its more intimate but with the add specification of having the dinner at a location that doesn't provide access to a kitchen and wanting to self cater the majority, if not all of it, makes the menu difficult.
Previously I mentioned that I would like to serve savory pies but don't know how I would keep them warm. Sunday Suppers, a beautiful and mouthwatering blog, recently posted the mini savory pies they made for a picnic event. They talked about how pies keep their heat well. Does this mean I could have them cooked earlier and then store them in warmers until we served dinner? Would this not make the crust soft? If this works I would be ecstatic!

Also on Sunday Suppers I saw these gorgeous jars that they used to make individual salads. I'm not sure it would be practical for a 150 guest reception but perhaps at the welcome (picnic) dinner, or maybe just for another dinner party.

{via the Container Store}

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