Monday, June 6, 2011

The Weather Forecast Stalking Begins

On Saturday, I OFFICIALLY started stalking the Weather Networks 14 Day Trend page for my wedding day...technically I've been checking it for a week prior but all I got to see was the days approaching the big day.

With 12 days until the wedding we are currently sitting with a "Sunny" forecast which is helping me from freaking out but I'm realistic enough to realize this will probably change daily. My main issue is that so many of my DIY touches are for outside of the actual indoor portion of the venue so I really want to be able to show them off and not have to spend 9 hours inside.

Unfortunately my posts have definitely suffered as I entered into the double digits for the wedding countdown and they will continue to be sparse as I'm running around trying to get everything done but I plan to recap everything and include details on how I put everything together in the weeks after the wedding so please be patient.

Also my FBIL proposed to his girlfriend recently and she asked me to be a bridesmaid (Yayyyyyyy!), so I will get to write about the planning of a completely different wedding during 2011 -2012!

So until my wedding please send my positive vibes for a beautiful day! If you are planning a wedding too, I wish you good luck and minimal stress!

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