Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Year

Life, more specifically work, has been nonstop for the last two months hence my absence. I haven't even had time to read other people's blogs! My google reader has 1000+ unread entries.

I did get my 2010 Winter issue of Martha Stewart weddings and wasn't that impressed. A few nice ideas but since it was their anniversary edition they just recycled what they've published in the past and since I have read those already it was nothing new for me. Disappointing.

I then picked up a InStyle Wedding magazine at the grocery store on Tuesday, receiving the question "You are getting married?" from the cashier and a "Nope" from me. (Why does he think its his business? I don't even know him! Not that I care, I've been buying wedding magazines for years with out an engagement ring so what's to stop me now!) I finally got a chance to flip through it last night and again...disappointed. OMG, I basically bought a magazines of advertisements for wedding gowns. There was a section in the back on Real Weddings that was nice and I found a really nice dress option for my busty bridesmaid (or me!) that is bra friendly and slimming as well.

Lastly, next weekend the local annual Wonderful Wedding Show is on and our limo service is in it again so I'll be there working. Having gone for the last 3 years I don't have high hopes that I'll be seeing anything new and exciting but it's always fun to look.

Now if only my man would get off his butt and on his knee to propose to me already! I am sooooo ready to plan a wedding! The longer I have to wait the more likely my ideas will fall out of fashion or someone else close to us will have gone that route. Is it too much to ask for an original event?

On a side note, tomorrow my best friend and I are off to see Leap Year. Yahhhh for wedding/engagement movies!

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