Monday, November 23, 2009

2 years

This weekend was our 2 year anniversary and we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy restaurant that we wouldn't normally go to. We chose a new french restaurant called Mirlycourtois and it was amazing. So delicious.

No ring though...

I recently went to my tarot card reader, who informed me that my guy is procrastinating on proposing not because he doesn't love me but because he's comfortable, and that I need to start changing his mind because he'll take his sweet time if I don't do something. When I got home and he asked what she said, I decided to be blunt and tell him. Rather then deny it or completely ignore it, he agreed and said she's actually pretty accurate. End of discussion though. He didn't let me push him on why.

I need to practice patience and just be happy that he loves me...right?


  1. Make him uncomfortable. The reality is - while he's comfortable, you're suffering! Kick him in the rear to give him a little motivation!!

  2. Would you rather have him or the ring?