Sunday, April 4, 2010

I said yes, and then I cried.

Yesterday we decided to go for breakfast, just the two of us, after he got back from the gym. When we were in the car he turns to me and says that we were going to take a little bit of a detour as he had a surprise for me. He then pulled out a scarf from his pocket and told me to blindfold myself so I would not see where we were going. (Of course my first thought is OMG he's going to propose! My second thought...shut up, you always think he's going to propose.)

When we arrive at the location and he opens the car door I can hear the train and the noises of the market, I was 99.99% sure we were at the Forks Market. (And of course I think OMG he is totally going to propose, he's going to take me to the top of the tower that we had our first kiss and propose. My next thought...shut up, you always think he's going to propose.)

He guides me to his destination, up an elevator, and takes off my blindfold. I'm right with the destination, we are at the forks at the top of the tower. He then asks if I remember what happened here and I say of course, it was where we had our first kiss. He then kissed me again and pulls out a ring box. Bending down on one knee he asks me to be his wife and I say Yes!!!! Yes, yes, yes. And then as I'm hugging him I start to cry.

To add to how awesome he is, he never actually went to the gym before we left. He drove to the forks to make sure the tower was in operation and not closed. He even left with his gym bag and came back and took a shower like he usually does. I didn't suspect a thing. I love that he's such a planner.

So now I can plan my wedding with out looking like the crazy girl.


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  1. holy shiiitttttt!!!!! WWWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!