Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outfitting the Mother of the Bride

Before we went to NYC for our girls trip, my mother, sister and their friends spent a few days in Ottawa, ON (must be nice getting entire week off in the Spring...perhaps I should change professions a become a teacher like them...). While they were there they spent quite a lot of time shopping but the FIRST boutique my mother stepped into, looking for her MOB dress she found her perfect dress. Not only was it the first store, it was the first dress! They decided to wait and look around but nothing seemed to work as well as this one, so they went back at the end of the day and picked it up. Here is my mother modelling her silver dress, via my sister's black berry camera, for me since I wasn't there to see it.
She is planning on wearing coral accessories with the dress, to which I've teased her saying that she is trying to work her way into the bridal party as they will be in grey dresses.
I think she will look gorgeous. Now we just need to see what my FMIL will pick. Were you with your mother when she picked her outfit?

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