Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dressing the Groom

So the one thing my Mr and I are not good at is "shopping around" for the best deal. This doesn't mean that we are frivolous with our money, rather we usually research on the Internet and/or talk to our friends and family before making a major purchase so that we weigh the pros and cons of different brands and also have an idea of what something is generally priced at.

But when it comes to the actual purchase, we tend to go with the sales person we like. An example would be the Plasma TV that we just purchased in March at Visions. It was the first place we went and we planned to price shop but we got a very knowledgeable sales person who didn't bullshit us and offered a really good deal. We weighed the option of wasting the rest of our day checking out competitors with the possibility of saving potentially $100 and we went with the TV at Visions.

How is this relevant to our wedding, you might ask? Well this is the same process that happened when we went shopping for my Mr's suit. We decided that since he had out grown his old suit that he had for at least 5 years we would invest in a new one rather then renting. We originally had a budget of $500 for an off the rack suit but when we went into Harry Rosen's they were having a sale for custom made suits. Normally we wouldn't even consider this as an option since it doubled our budget but we landed our selves an awesome salesperson who was really good at his job. He made us feel comfortable, explained that for my Mr's body type a custom suit would fit better and even had him try on off the rack for us to judge ourselves.

**Tip of the Day: If you are looking for a custom suit for your Mr, go to Harry Rosen in February. That is when they hold their annual sale.**

Now I know a frugal bride should say, "No Thank You" and continue our search for a suit within our price range but the practical bride in me still saw this as an opportunity to get something that would be of quality and last for a long time. We have at least one wedding or special function to attend every year so if he got a suit that he really liked and felt comfortable in I would hear less complaining when the time came for him to wear it every year. Not to mention that he loved the idea of having something made for him and getting to pick a pin stripe.

So because the sales person was great we went for a $1000 suit instead of a $500 one, as we originally planned.

Here are some pictures of his final fitting before we took it home, I think it turned out amazing and I'm really happy that we went with the vest as he has the option of taking off his jacket and still looking dressed up...

What do you think? Did you go over budget on anything and manage to rationalize it?

Funny that the groom is spending more money on his outfit then the bride did!

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  1. LOVE IT! It looks mega sharp. I agree that it's something he'll wear for many years & he'll be happier than buying something less comfortable/uglier. Looks awesome :)