Monday, December 6, 2010

Choosing My Vendors: Venue - Option #2

Option 2: Lower Fort Garry - Picnic Shelter (south of the historic grounds, near the visitor reception centre)

Cost - $490/day

Capacity - 150+. They supply picnic tables at no extra cost. Tables & chairs I would have to rent myself.

The picnic shelter is electrified and lit. Not sure on how cater-friendly they are though.

For all facility rentals, guests would get free entrance to visit the historic grounds and you would be able to have wedding photos taken on the historic grounds at no additional charge. Additionally, there is the opportunity to have some heritage programming by Parks Canada staff incorporated into the event (such as a special guided tour just for your guests)

I love the idea of letting my guests view the historical grounds/reenactment between the ceremony and receptions.

My issue with the location:
- When I actually went to see the site I realized that the picnic site didn't offer as much of a shelter as I had expected, leaving little room for a dance floor. Not to mention that if it rained my guests would not be happy.

-The picnic shelter is located very close to the highway and the main interpretation center. Not as close to the historical site as I had hoped.

So it probably wouldn't work for our wedding but I still love the idea of having it at a historical site like this so it made the list.


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