Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making the Playlist: The Mother/Son Dance

My mister does not enjoy dancing. His choices of music involve jumping up and down, fist pumping and head banging...dancing is not part of his repertoire and so to be fair to him I am trying to limit the amount of times he actually has to dance at our wedding.

He'll have our first dance and our 'departure' dance, and I normally would think to include the Mother/Son dance, as it is a newer tradition, but he is very close with his mother. I'm not sure he would think to include this himself and his mother can be shy sometimes but I think this would mean A LOT to her, especially if its a song that gives thanks to her for loving him.

So begins the search for an appropriate song for them that captures the love and relationship they have.

I started my search on Google, like I always do, but the list that I was getting were so cheesy. I couldn't see My Mister actually agreeing to dance to them. Then I decided to go to YouTube and type in "Johnny Reid" as that is one of her favorite singers. One of the first songs listed in the search results was "Thank you" and when I listened to it I thought it was absolutely beautiful and almost perfect.

I say 'almost' because of one line, that is repeated more then once, that seperates it from a song about anyone to a song about your signficant other. That line is "Thank you for laying down beside me tonight" and he is a very articulate singer so it would be hard to miss what he says.

What do you think? Could this still work or would it sound creepy, like a son and a mother have a 'different' relationship?

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