Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I really really want...

Today I was reading through and I came across a link to an Etsy seller that makes recycled rings, more specifically wedding rings. I LOVE, love, love them. Now I know I mentioned in a previous post a list of likes for my future engagement ring. Well it isn't necessary now because this is what I want. SERIOUSLY. Its almost at the point that when I saw it I was tempted to email the link to my BF as an FYI that this is what I want when the day comes. Of course I held back. No point scaring him off or thinking I'm crazy. But I'm pleading with you...if you have the opportunity to influence his choice this is it.
  1. I think they are beautiful and simple

  2. Its cost effective. Each ring costs approximately $300 US

  3. Its recycled metal

  4. Its apparently vegan, meaning no animal products (pearls, silk, leather, etc.) were used in its construction...which is pretty darn cool

  5. And did I mention that I think they are beautiful?

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