Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday my cell rang at work, it was my BF's mother. She wanted to tell me of a conversation she had just had with her son about what to buy me for my birthday.

She wanted to know if he had any ideas and he mentioned that I had wanted a food processor (which is true) but she thought this was a terribly 'old married couple' thing to get and that he needed to buy something more personal. The conversation then lead to the fact that a ring is personal and maybe he should consider getting THAT for me.

My BF's response? "No mom, she DOESN'T want a ring"!!!!

Excuse me, how wrong can a guy get?

Needless to say she is quite concerned that this is true, hence the phone call and considering that at Christmas they had a very similar conversation I shouldn't be surprised. She thinks that perhaps I've given him the wrong impression and should 'try harder'. At least I know that she wants me in the family!

Basically I figure that since this has happened twice now I should probably clear things up with him, just in case he's silly enough to think that statement is true.

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