Thursday, February 26, 2009

Budget Loop Holes

So I've been thinking that since I'm not engaged yet and even when that does happen I won't be getting married any earlier then a year and half from now, does it count towards my budget if I start buying things now? The way I figure!

Here's my plan, I love entertaining and if I gradually buy things that I would want for my future wedding but use then now and afterwards for other parties, they shouldn't count as money spent from my wedding budget. TECHNICALLY I could get by with out them in my life when throwing parties that aren't my wedding but I think they will make things prettier and I consider these parties trial runs.

So come spring I want to start my hunt for the following things, at yard sales and second hand/antique shops:
  1. Strings of outdoor lighting

  2. Jugs, pitchers and/or glass beverage dispenser

  3. Flatware, dinnerware & cups

  4. Mason Jars

  5. Vintage sheets

  6. Cake stands

  7. Serving platters and deep bowls

I'm also looking for a farmhouse style hutch for my kitchen but that isn't really wedding/party related. I just want it.

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