Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Serving at your own wedding.

I recently rented Rachel Getting Married and loved the idea of the bride and groom assisting in the serving of the meal at the reception. As much as I love the idea of a party 'all about me', I prefer in actuality, hosting an event where my hands 'get dirty' so to speak.

I think a wedding that feels more like a huge family dinner would be preferable to a highly structured, catered event.

I image a reception that has food made by the bride, groom, and their friends and family. The fathers and uncles standing around the BBQ and a group of close friends act as the servers.

I would give handmade aprons for friends and family that help cater and serve dinner.

It still bothers me that when ever I look up ideas for hosting and catering your own wedding that exceeds 50 guests, I usually find "Don't do it." advice. Hopefully that is changing.

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