Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If I could plan my own bridal shower

Last December, at work we hosted a Christmas Party at the Costume Museum of Canada and I decided that it would be the perfect place to host a bridal shower, especially during their wedding dress exhibit that they have once a year for a few months (its on right now).
I went on their site today and low and behold they've made some updates and are now advertising for people to rent their multi purpose room for showers and for a $2/person fee they'll even serve the coffee & tea in vintage tea cups. Apparently we can even play dressup!{I think someone must have overheard me while I was setting up to party in December!}

Since you can't really plan your own shower, not that I have a wedding that needs a shower yet, I hope that I get a chance to plan someone's shower and we will have it there...unless someone wants to promise me that we can have my future shower there! Heck lets do both!

1 comment:

  1. That's a cool idea! Much better then just sitting around looking at each other (much like another recent shower I attended). Promise me that you keep your shower "unstructured" to okay, I hate when they turn into a Cruise Ship from hell with "people" running around allover the place trying to make you play games that everyone, and yes everyone hates! It should be about visiting with people and taking part in "games" yes but not the kind where you strap a tennis ball to your head and whip it around or whatever:)
    I'm bored today can you tell?