Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cooking for a Crowd

I wish it was more popular to cook and cater your own event. I find it extremely difficult to find resources online for people that want to prepare their on food for their weddings. Basically I've given up searching for 'catering your own wedding' and moved to wordings like "cooking for a crowd" and looking for tips on hosting a family reunion.

It annoys me that everywhere I look I'm basically being told that its too hard and I should just hire someone. I'm considering the idea of hiring someone to provide the BBQ'd meat but honestly I think that would be the part that my father, his friends and my uncles would love to look after since my parents host, with their best friends, an annual pig roast for 50-100 people depending on the year. My father and his friends spend the day enjoying their beers and tending to a spit that roasts the pig. If they can do that I'm sure they could manage BBQ'd chicken.

Before the annual pig roast my mother delegates to her friends different dishes to prepare and it becomes a bit of a potluck. I don't want a potluck. I want to prepare a consistent menu across the board for all the guests and that's where I'm currently looking for advice and inspiration.

What should I prepare in advance? How would I best keep food cool and then hot with out renting a professional kitchen or spending a fortune?

Currently I'm leaning towards a menu like this:

Salad - not sure type (served Family Style)

Main Course - BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, roasted vegetables & dinner buns (served Family Style)

Desserts - selection of pies and cakes (buffet style)

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