Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adding to the DIY and Shopping Lists

As beautiful as flowers are I find it very confusing why people willing spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on bouquets and arrangements for their weddings when they will die within a week and you have nothing left over.

A friend of mine that was recently engaged, joked that she wished her fiance was like other guys and didn't care about details so she could plan it her way. She said he told her that she could pick the flowers with out his input, she said that was great but she doesn't care about flowers that much, and really has no strong opinion on them.

Me too, me too....

I've attempted over the years to dry the arrangements and corsages I get for sentiment purposes but they end up in a box under my bed or accumulating dust some where, so I just toss them in the garbage.

What a waste.

I figured I would be a grocery store flower purchaser when my time came or if I was lucky (like my sister was) pick them from a friends garden.

And then I saw these felt and button flower bouquets from Pricess Lasertron (via Green Wedding Shoes ) and fell in love.

Apparently she's creating DIY felt/button flower kits soon that she'll be selling on her Etsy site. She already made up button flower kits last month and when I went to her Etsy site they are already gone!

I plan on purchasing a felt flower kit when they come out and then I'm going to add vintage buttons to my shopping list this year for things to be on the look out for at yard sales and second hand shops. I think this is a great way to personalize your wedding, have a lasting keepsake and well, they are just so awesome.

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  1. cute! what a fun way to add some cute vintage details like buttons!