Friday, May 28, 2010

Bridal Shower - To answer your question, yes...

My mister's mother has no daughters and has been 'patiently' waiting for one of sons to get married so that she could get one...or at least that is my now that that day has come she has requested to throw me a bridal shower which I gratefully accepted.

With my mother and three out of my four bridesmaids living out-of-town it would have been difficult for them to organize and my best friend that is the other bridesmaid has enough to help with since she's the only one who lives here.

With that being said once she started planning it, she called me for names of people that my mother would like to invite and mentioned that she was already at 80 guests. That would be 80 women that I probably have never met! Women who, for the most part, won't even be invited to the wedding. I was a little surprised and doubted that these people would be interested attending a party in my honor and give gifts if they didn't know me but I've been assured that this is okay and that she's been to countless showers that she didn't attend weddings for.

And I still have to give her the names of my female friends and family (remember who large my guest list is)!

So I've decided that I'm just going to go with the flow and allow her to plan this massive shower that means a lot to her and hopefully people come!

It won't be until next spring but I should probably get around to creating my traditional registry.*

*I am planning on have a Honeymoon Registry as well for people that don't mind the nontraditional, since we don't really require a lot of 'stuff'...but that's for another post.


  1. I love the idea of Honeymoon Registry! so much better than asking for fine china or stuff you don't need!

  2. Just breathe, which it sounds like you might find that it is actually fun. I'm totally with you on the 'stuff' factor. If you don't mind an outsider's reco (I just happened upon your grrrrreat blog!), check out for your nontraditional registry. You can register for your honeymoon or anything else that you'd like money towards. I've found that our guests love giving us the gift of 'time together.' I've already had one shower and Deposit a Gift has been working great because they let giftgivers print a certificate at checkout to bring to the party. Maybe as a compromise your MIL will be willing to share this registry with the guests as an option that you prefer (it is supposed to be about you after all...though many forget that part...). Anyways, I def think you should check it out. They offer a free wedding website if you don't already have one, or you can just use the registry part and link it to your existing wedding website. There is also space for your traditional registries to be listed (we have 1 too), so everything is in one place. Best of luck!