Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shoes for the Guys

My mister does not have great feet. He wears custom orthotics and does stretches every morning because his arches are too tight and he will be in pain otherwise.

Because of this his favorite footwear are New Balance Runners...stylish they are not but they work for his feet and I don't have to listen to him complain so I'm good.

But these are not appropriate footwear for the wedding day, or so I thought, until my best friend found out that they have a casual/retro line of shoes that look a lot like Converse shoes, which I do think are completely acceptable for wedding day footwear.

Personally I like these:

But I could be convinced that these are better:

{via New Balance Toronto}

We'll see what works for him and his four groomsmen but when I told him and his best friend that New Balance was still an option today, they were very excited. Nothing like catering to my husband to be...hello married life.

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