Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Days Leading Up to The Big Day - Thursday Morning

Thursday began with breakfast with my MOH K and then we met my sister, MOH M at our local tanning salon for our Mystic Tan spray tans. MOH K and I had already gone twice early in the month to test how the spray set on our skins and whether we needed all of the extra bells and whistles (you don't), so we came prepared.

When going for a spray tan, we found wearing loose clothing, like a sundress, worked best as the tighter pants/shirts seem to wear off the spray before it had a chance to set on the skins. Also wear your hair pulled back, little to no makeup, and dark underwear as the spray can stain your bra!

(See loose fitting dress...apparently I didn't get a lot of relevant pictures that morning because the best example I could find)

We had the brilliant idea to spray tan before going for our manicures and pedicures as we didn't want to spray to stain our nails...makes sense right? WRONG. After we got out off the tanning salon and were headed towards our manicurist it dawned on us that we aren't suppose to wash for at least 8 hours which means soaking your feet and hands in water while someone scrubs off dead skin and makes them nice and soft isn't the best thing immediately after a spray tan but our schedule didn't really allow for us to do them on Friday morning so we scrapped the idea of pretty feet (no one had open toed shoes so it was really only for our benefit) and decide to just do our hands. We didn't want it to look like we were wearing socks if the spray washed away on our feet and lower calves but since we were only doing gel nails we didn't have to soak our hands.

Even though I also had my eye brows waxed I was still done before my MOHs so I was waiting for them to finish up when I received a call from my MIL. I had asked my Mr to call and touch base with his parents about the rehearsal and to confirm a few things, apparently this was too much for him and when his mom started asking for clarification on things he suggested she call me. So I spent a few minutes saying yes to everything she repeated that her son told her...pretty much a pointless conversation...until we got to the last point.

One of the details at the wedding I had planned was to have s'mores in the evening during the dance as the venue has a fire pit just outside of the main building but I didn't think it was necessary to buy their over priced fire wood when my in laws have a wood burning furnace which means they have what I would consider a surplus of split wood. We had asked to have some for the evening bonfire.

*Please note that my parents ALSO have a wood burning furnace and I am completely aware that this wood is not free but I was only wanting enough for an evening for one fire pit. I also didn't ask my parents as they lived 6 hours away and were already bringing down a truck full of other supplies.

Regardless of the above disclaimer, I was surprised when this became a HUGE deal. Apparently my FIL works really hard for that wood and didn't really want to share, or so my MIL informed me. Now you need to understand that although I love my MIL, she has a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills and sadly it stresses me out on a good day, as I feel it necessary to calm her down.

So when she is going on about how this was too much to ask but then saying that her husband 'can't' say no to his son and she would talk to him again (which implies she is doing me a HUGE favor) I was beyond stressed. Not wanting to snap at her and cause tension for our wedding day I told her not to bother and that it was fine, we would just buy it at the venue. I quickly ended the conversation and wanted to scream. I held it in until we were in the vehicle again and then I started getting worked up. On the verge of crying my MOHs distracted me and we got on with our day.

*Sadly, its a month after the wedding and I am still bitter about this conversation, more on that later. I suppose if something needs to go wrong it could have been a lot worse though.

The remainder of our running around consisted of picking up the cake platter rentals to drop off at the bakers, last minute supplies from Michaels where we found flip flops on sale for 2/$3 and grab 12 pairs for the dance portion of the evening, meeting our make up artist who works at MAC as his day job to pick out our lipstick color and purchase our own so that we could do touch ups if necessary, and buying the last of the appetizer groceries.

Next up, making the appetizers for the Cocktail portion of the wedding, which I inevitably never ended up seeing and no one took pictures of but I am told they were a hit!

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