Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Days Leading Up to The Big Day - Wednesday

I have put off blogging for almost a month because I honestly didn't know where to start. Should I keep posting about the preparation or just jump right into the recap? Something silly like this has actually been keeping me from posting. I used the excuse that I was on my honeymoon and then that I was adjusting to my workload again to perpetuate my procrastination but as I sit at my desk and the clock slowly makes its way to 5:00 pm and I realize that this is a PREFECT time to start telling everyone how it all went down because lets be honest weddings are ALWAYS more interesting then payroll or bank reconciliations ... although excel spreadsheets trump all, I'm sorry they just do.

So lets start our journey through recaps with the days before the wedding...

My last day of work had been the Tuesday, with the idea that Wednesday I would spend grocery shopping, Thursday would be our beauty day with the afternoon/evening dedicated to prepping the appetizers for the wedding and Friday we would transport everything to the venue, have our rehearsal and meet & greet.

In the most loose of terms this was how the rest of the week went but not nearly as smoothly as I had hoped.

Wednesday morning started with me attempting to write my vows and finish up designing the signage for the wedding. Which then morphed into me spending way too long on vimeo looking for inspiration, translation...procrastinating, all because I had read a post on Weddingbee by Mrs. Jam about writing your vows (which on a side note was very informative and was all I needed to give my Mr. when explaining how I thought we should write ours) a few weeks earlier and had fallen in love with the vimeo video of her friends' wedding vows.

Here it is...I think I cried the first five times I watched it...

Jacqueline+Brandon Wedding Trailer from NoBox Films & NoBox Productions on Vimeo.

I wanted MY vows to be that awesome but I couldn't seem to put two words together that didn't seem to sound contrived. And sadly no other video did it for me. Basically my standards were set at Jacqueline & Brandon's vows or bust.

I started stressing "What DO I like about my Mr?!" and more importantly "OMG, my love is so lame because I can't think of anything cool or sappy to say"...yes I can be shallow enough to care more about what others will think when I read my vows then whether or not I just LOVE my Mr. I am a terrible person. In fact all I could think of was completely inappropriate things or nothing.

My Mr on the other hand had finished his vows in less then 2 hours a few weeks before when I had first given him the blog post by Mrs. Jam to read. Sometimes I think I hate him just a little.

Wednesday afternoon quickly approached and I had to give up hope of finishing the vows for the time being as I had to run to work and help my assistant process payroll, since I didn't have enough time to go through it before my holidays and I wanted to get paid, plus make it to my massage therapy appointment in time.

After all of that I spent an hour and a half in Costco by myself shopping for supplies to make the wedding appetizers. I had made the mistake of telling my Mr that I would also pick up a few household supplies while I was there, not taking into consideration that those few things consisted of toilet paper, paper towel and huge boxes of cereal. In the end my cart was overflowing with products, I hated the other shoppers that insisted on stopping in the middle of aisles to reminisce with their long lost friends that they bumped into while picking up groceries, my feet were getting blisters, and I wanted to kill myself. I wasn't able to find everything I needed but I decided the rest of the shopping could be put off until Thursday because I was D-O-N-E!

My parents had arrived that afternoon and were waiting at our house when I showed up with my purchases. For some reason my father chose to sit in the living room and enjoy a beer while my mother and I made multiple trips into the house to unload my CRV. To say that I was working hard not to say something bitchy was an understatement...there was a lot of mental counseling going on and I managed to restrain myself.

With everything in the house, I took my mother with me to my MOH K's house to work on last minute details like finish the photo booth props, tying the tags for the favors and cutting out the menus & welcome bag itineraries. With a few glasses of wine all was right in the world again and I felt like it was smooth sailing from here on out. Oh how naive...

Stay tuned for Thursday where my MIL finally makes me snap and I almost have a melt down.

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