Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Days Leading Up to The Big Day - Thursday Evening

After our supplies were picked up we headed over to my MOH K's house, as she has a larger kitchen then I do and we had a lot to prepare.

MOH K and I had come up with the appetizer menu a few months before and finalized it the week before. I wanted an appetizer spread that wasn't just meat platters and buns but didn't require to much work to arrange the day of and no heating, as our servers who were Girl Guides, with an average age of 12, would be the ones responsible for setting it out while the ceremony was going on.

This is what we came up with and had to prep that night:

  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with pesto cream cheese

  • Cheese straws

  • Three types of savory palmiers: roasted tomato pesto, olive tapenade, artichoke tapenade(apparently this is the only picture I have of any of the appetizers that we made)

  • Walnut Feta stuffed cucumbers

  • Crab salad on Endive leaves

  • And whipped butter & herb butter for the buns during dinner.
We also purchased a selection of pickled vegetables (onions, olives, mushrooms, asparagus & artichokes), Italian meats, specialty cheeses & fruit that we platter on the morning of the wedding.

(My sister, MOH M and my mother hollowing out cherry tomatoes and cucumbers)

We managed to prep everything for the 150 guests by 11pm, except the cheese straws that MOH K tackled Friday morning before I came to pick her up. As much as I enjoy entertaining and making food for others it was definitely intimidating trying to account for enough appetizers to feed 150 people but not fill them up since dinner would be server shortly after.

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