Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Days Leading Up to The Big Day - Friday

My day started with me sneaking into my office early to print some last minute things, specifically the programs that I didn't finish until the night before! I also had to grab the projector & screen as my BIL want it for his best man speech but of course someone had taken it to a meeting off site which left me calling in favors to have it dropped off at my house for him to pick up the next day.

Taking a lot longer then I planned...isn't that always the case...I finally made it to MOH K's to start packing up everything for the wedding and our overnight bags.

We had rented a camper trailer for the weekend from kijiji (as the RV companies have decided that rentals after June 15th are at the summer rate and have to be rented by the week, not just weekend) and my sister's husband was kind enough to pick it up early in the morning and drive it out to the venue's campsite and set it up.

After he got the camper he met up with my Mr to pick up the large supplies (alcohol, party supply rentals, the photo booth, centerpieces & other large props from our house) with my company's scrolling billboard truck.
(This isn't the actually truck but it looks alot like this one...Source )

Having this truck was a time saver for both picking up everything on Friday and bring stuff back from the venue on Sunday. I realize that most people don't work for a company that owns their own delivery truck but if its in your budget to rent a small moving truck or you know someone that will lend you one, you will save your self alot of trips back and forth from your venue. (This is also great for Manitoba brides for their social!)

Before MOH K and I left for the venue, which is 40 minutes from the city, we stopped at my house to grab the Out of Town bags I had made for our guests staying at the hotel in Beausejour.

(Here's a pictures of the OOT bags being prepared...after the recap of the wedding I'll go back to the DIY projects)

We had to make it out to the hotel before people started checking in so we left the city at noon and while we drove MOH K attempted to help me write my vows....yes that's right, the day before the wedding and still no vows. She had me start listing the things I love about him and then give an example of when he showed that characteristic...this seemed like a very productive way to flesh things out, unfortunately the only examples I could come up was ones like this "His sense of when he said he wanted to take a rain check on carrying me across the threshold until I lost some weight because he didn't want to hurt his back"...inappropriate to say in front of our friends and family.

At this point I was starting to stress out that I would never write my vows and would end up sounding like Larry David when he had to give his Anniversary Vows to Cheryl, which my Mr and a handful of friends might enjoy but most people won't get AT ALL.

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  1. Being a Manitoba bride i have to go back & read your blog.