Sunday, January 11, 2009

For him...

As much as I'm all for the big day being the bride's day I still think it should hold meaning for the groom. Now my bf is a huge video gamer and heavy metal fan...not exactly interests that you would see aligning with my prairie chic wedding vision. How would you incorporate them in with out them seeming completely out of place?

Well searching online for ideas I came across this cake but I just can't see these working for me. Any suggestions? And what do you think of including a few metal songs for important moments? Not that I would know, without consulting the bf first, what would be appropriate.


  1. I think the cake is cute but couldn't you incorporate a medival themed cake of some kind, not sure exactly what I mean but you know. As for the heavy metal music, I would say that is a no go at a wedding regardless of the grooms music preference.

  2. Agree on Point One: You could do something more Lord of the Rings-esque for a cake. SOmething like a tower or castle motif would be very interesting...
    Disagree on Point Two: There are some very romantic ballads that have heavy metal undertones. I am ALL for incorporating the grooms personality.
    For me it's awseome shades and skate shoes :)

  3. As I have been MIA for the past month, I only just found this! Gosh I have done sssooo much similar research... if I have some time this term I'll share some of my ideas. Keep on writing!