Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding Movies

I've been sadly absent for the last two weeks as I've been swamped with work but I did get a chance to go to Bride Wars and love, love, loved it!

There is just something about a chic flick dedicated to weddings that makes me giddy, which has me racking my brain now for others.

I've watched:
- The Wedding Planner
- 27 Dresses
- 4 Weddings & A Funeral
- My Best Friend's Wedding
- Monsoon Wedding
- Wedding Crashers (not really chic flick)
- The Sex and The City movie
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding
- Runaway Bride
- Mamma Mia! The movie
- Father of the Bride
- Made of Honor
- Licence to Wed
- The Best Man
- The Wood

I think that's it. Anything I'm missing that I should watch?

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