Saturday, January 10, 2009

My current budget estimations...

Before I start spouting off ideas that I have, here's the budget I'm working with right now for 200 guests... $10,900.00

Food, Alcohol & Corresponding rentals (dinnerware, flatware, etc) $6000 - Backyard BBQ theme, still not sure on the 'Open Bar' idea...more on that later.
Ceremony & Reception venues $1500
Music $0 -plan to use an MP3 player/laptop, make playlists and borrow a speaker system.
Flowers $150 -I really don't care about flowers and assume we can do some DIY work to create what we need.
Favors $200 -I figure $1/guest is fair as how many people actually REMEMBER their favor at the end of the night?
Invitations and other Stationary $150 -Another DIY project, letterpress, although beautiful, is way out of my budget
Our rings $200 -this is NOT including the engagement ring, that's the future fiance's expense!
Officiant $200
Photography $1000 -this extremely low budget is based on the assumption that family professional photographer will agree to do it for this cheap OR I get one of my friends that are starting out
Wedding Cake (& cupcakes) $100 -I'm assume the ingredients won't cost more then this but basically bff's Nan was a professional baker so that's my vendor!
Wedding Party gifts $200 -not 100% sure what I will be purchasing so this may increase, I'm leaning towards custom made jewelery for my BM's but who knows what he'll pick for the GM
Beauty & Pampering, day of $200 - this is JUST for me, is it cheap to not get the BM's too?
Groom & Groomsmen's attire $600 -I'm assuming he'd pay for the gm since I'd be paying for the bm's but who knows
Bridesmaid Gowns $200 -I plan to have 4 BM and being a bm myself 4 times I strongly believe that a bride should pay for their dresses UNLESS that bride is willing to let them pick WHATEVER they want and since I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to details I want to make sure they get the dresses I want. Now $200 seems low for 4 girls but alas I plan to have them made! We'll see how that ends up working
My dress $100 -WHAT!? I know these is extremely low but I refuse to spend a fortune on, all be it a gorgeous gown, a gown that I will wear for less then 24hours. So I'm budgeting enough for material to make it myself, and by myself I mean the future finance's mother...
Veil & accessories $100 -Again, DIY here we come. I'm currently in love with the bird cage veil but since I wear glasses I'm still not sure

Okay I think that covers it. Hopefully I haven't missed anything big and that when the day comes I can stick to this budget! Or come under...


  1. Mom has an idea. She thinks you should do it at the Old Dudgeon Homestead. It's 20miles from Morden, so 50miles from Winnipeg. She thinks you should use bagpipes for a Scottish flare.

    Oh and on the open bar... mom said she'll pay for it. It's a must in our opinion.

  2. I think you need a dj, the idea of diy for music at a wedding spells trouble in my opinion.