Sunday, January 11, 2009

In my defense

So apparently white, red & blue = Red, White & Blue of America and since I'm NOT American, rather Canadian, this is a no go.

Well I like it regardless.

Mainly I love red and white(see that's Canadian), and thought the addition of blue took away the Christmas feel. Not to mention that I'm currently in love with the collared dress below,from Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, and thought that color scheme would work. Other ideas are welcome though.


  1. That dress on the right would suit you so well!!

  2. What if you added some pale blue and some pale pink to an otherwise red, white and blue palette - I don't think it would look like an American flag, and would be lovely! (And I love the dress with the collar.)

  3. I know I love that dress!

    Thanks for the color support, I was thinking the same thing. Just have some convincing to do.