Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loving the Red, blue & white combo

I've been picturing a fall wedding for so long, with browns, oranges, and other warm colors, that I was very shocked when I fell in love with the color scheme of white with red and robin blue accents. How gorgeous would it be to wear red heels with your white gown? And the color combo reminds me of a family picnic, very inline with my vision of a backyard BBQ.

Like this wedding shown over at Snippet & Ink today...


  1. You're not American.. so yeah.. I don't like the color scheme. The pictures are beautiful for an American country chic wedding... but it is very apparent that it has an American undertone... I am not even being anti-American.. I just think that color scheme for your wedding. I will find better colors to suggest..

  2. Agree whole heartedly with Marcia

  3. I think the colors are fine, just because red, white and blue happen to be on the American flag doesn't mean you can't use them. plus if the guys are in dark blue, your in white and the flowers are red (OR WHATEVER) is anyone actually going to be sitting there going, ohhh that's American!