Monday, January 24, 2011

The Social: Finding a DJ

Unlike my wedding, where I am considering DJing the entire event with my iPod and a sound system that the venue has, it is pretty important to provide a professional DJ for a social.

The way I see it is people are paying to attend and I should be providing them with an entertaining night, like they would find if they went out to a club to dance.

But to do that I didn't want to just book any DJ. I especially didn't want the typical music that is played at weddings and socials.

Can we say The Chicken Dance?

So I went to my music savvy friends, asked who they knew and was able to find a local DJ named Mama Cutsworth. She was very reasonable at $500 for the night and seems to understand my desire to move away from the traditional music choices of country line dancing and classic rock ballads.

Here's to a night of dancing and fun!

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