Friday, January 28, 2011

The Wedding Party: Deciding to have TWO MOHs

I realize that traditional one selects a maid/matron of honor and then additionally has bridesmaids. I had known for as long as I cared about weddings that my sister would have this role as I consider her my oldest friend, being only two years my junior.

Of course there was the additional benefit of picking her meant I didn't have to choose between other friends.

But these were ideas I had in high school and as my previous post should have point out, I make snap decisions sometimes without allowing for future changes.

Now that I'm engaged, my sister no longer lives in the same city as me and can only assist from a distance but my BF K is with me at every vendor I check out, has helped me pick out material and is the one I obsessively email wedding ideas. If that isn't a MOH I don't know what is.

So now I am stuck, you are only suppose to have ONE MOH but I want TWO! So rather then sit around worrying about whether I ask my sister if she's okay with being a bridesmaid or letting K know that she's awesome but 'sister's first', I've decided that I'm having TWO MOHs.

Technically my sister is a matron of honor as she already married, which leaves K as the maid of honor. It works for me and it is away that I can let others know that these are two very important women in my life.

After making this decision I found out that another friend of mine that is getting married this year is ALSO having 2 MOHs. What do you think about multiple MOHs?

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