Monday, January 17, 2011

The Social: Making the Tickets

Once I had secured the location and date for the social, the next step was making the tickets. I'm not going to lie, I'm obsessed with stationary and manage to convince myself that it is very integral to the perfect wedding/event. So not only did I want my save-the-dates to match my invitations that would follow in 4 months, I really wanted my social tickets to look like they were part of the set.

Unfortunately not everyone is a graphic designer (specifically me) or has connections in the print industry to print beautiful tickets.

My tickets will NOT look as amazing as these ones:


Rather I decided to shelf my obsession in favor of saving money on miscellaneous expenses, thus resulting in a higher profit at the end of the social.

I opted to go the route. I had signed up approximately a month prior to me actually ordering the tickets (which are actually business cards) as I knew that they send you an obscene amount of spam for free and discounted items. Meaning that I managed to get 500 tickets (way more then I need but they only come in 250 increments) for less then $20, including shipping.

This is what my tickets ended up looking like...(please excuse the white out areas!)

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