Monday, January 31, 2011

The Social: Food

Although food is required at wedding social, and some people do provide a full course meal if they have large families that want to do the cooking for them, usually the 'meal' is a midnight snack of deli meats, cheeses, pickles and buns.


As I don't have the resources to cook a full course meal for 300 people, nor do I want to pay to have it catered...remember people pay $10/ticket which is not nearly enough to cover a catered meal...I am going the deli meat platter route.

MOH K did the research, I have no idea where she found all the prices to compare, and determined that Winnipeg Old Country Sausage Ltd would be the best bang for our limited bucks, at $1.39/person we will be supplied with a selection of meats, cheeses, pickles & bread plus chips and pretzels to put out on the tables. It might not be classy but it will taste great and do the job, so I stopped by their location and put down the deposit of $40.

Additionally, the social lands on my birthday so I plan on serving some sort of sheet cake as well. Happy Birthday to Me:)

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