Monday, August 8, 2011

The Days Leading Up to The Big Day - Friday: The Rehearsal

The work day was over and our wedding party made their way out to the venue for our rehearsal. MOH K put together the ceremony, since ours was not religious nor were we having a professional Marriage Commissioner (we did that Thursday night...Oops I forgot to mention that earlier...I'll have to revisit that later!) so we were free to set our own program.

We handed out copies and assumed it would be an easy run through...what do they say about assuming?

Sometimes I feel like I'm actually herding cat, trying to get them all in one place and listen to instructions.

BIL D (the officiant), my Mr and his groomsmen
my parents
...have I mentioned my Mr and his friends are into Metal...
our fathers

My sister & MOH M Mr and his parents practicing the walk down the close attention to how they are NOT paying attention, this will explain what happens on Saturday...and very perdictable for these 3... parents and I practicing our walk down the aisle...on a side note-WTF was I thinking wearing this outfit?! This is possibly the ONLY decent picture of me during the rehearsal and it isn't great. Remember, dress appropriately for all photo opportunities, you'll thank your self later!

The rehearsal took about half an hour because people kept getting distracted and we then went into the venue to do a quick walk through of the rain back up as the forecast was still suggesting showers through out Saturday and although I really didn't want to get married anywhere other then under the trees, I figured it was better to know what the back up was.

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