Monday, July 27, 2009

Comfortably Chic

On Once Wed today they are featuring "The Free Wedding" that a group of vendors planned and had a contest for a real couple to have it. So far the first post is gorgeous.

In this post they had these pictures of the bridesmaid dresses and I have to say that I really like them.

{via Once Wed}

I love the casual, comfortable look of them and the fact that regardless of that they don't look frumpy. Currently I'm torn about dresses for my bridesmaids. My 3 friends & sister that would fill these roles are all completely different body types; tall and petite, curvy and athletic. So you can't really pick ONE style and squeeze them all into it. At least one of them won't be comfortable. And being a bridesmaid four times already, myself, I think feeling comfortable is very important!

Also, as I mentioned, I have been a bridesmaid four times already and although I have been very lucky and have not had to wear anything hideous or expensive I still realize the huge expense it is for a bridesmaid to stand up for your friend and I don't want mine to have to spend a fortune, especially on a dress they would NEVER wear again. I have planned to actually cover the cost myself because I figured if I was the one picking the dress I should be the one paying for it. I thought I could even get them made (something like the dresses above).

But now I'm thinking that the comfortable factor is even more important then the expense factor and that I should just let each girl buy their own dress but pick something they WANT to wear in the future and are comfortable in. Just provide them a color 'guideline' to stick to and let them make the decision. I'm just not sure anymore.

I suppose when the time comes I'll give them my ideas and see what they think works best.

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