Monday, July 13, 2009

Pie for everyone

I love pie.
As far as I'm concerned cake has nothing on pie, and had decided quite some time ago that when the day comes for my own wedding I'm serving pie for desert. I have envisioned a table with a range of different pies set up for people to pick from and then I saw Williams-Sonoma's Pocket Pie Molds via Hip Hostess this weekend.
I am very comfortable stating that this is a 'NEED' category purchase, of course my desire for instant gratification was stamped out when I determined that Williams-Sonoma will not ship outside of the United States from their online store. But on the up side there are FOUR stores in Toronto, which I will be visiting at the end of August and I've already informed my boyfriend of our shopping excursion. I'm sure he's just thrilled.
I'm already day dreaming about the different types of pies I'm going to make with these, and not just as a wedding dessert.

1 comment:

  1. God I love pie.

    Next time I'm in TO I'll see if I can find these for you in case they go out of stock. I go to W-S every time :)