Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fabulous Photo Booth Props

I vote YES for a photo booth at a wedding, especially fun DIY setups. I think they are fun and you can get a lot of interesting pictures of your friends and family.
And when I saw this photo booth all I could think was "I want". How perfect would it be to incorporate photos of family/ancestors wedding photos in black and white framed on the wall? Yes definitely a "NEED".

{via Kiss the Groom}

And then there are fake

{via Green Wedding Shoes}


  1. The photo booth idea with the pictures I really really like great idea. Expecially if your family (and yours will) uses it.
    The fake moustash idea is cute but only if you wouldn't have to carry them around the whole day.

  2. The moustaches would sit in a container beside the photo booth. You diffently wouldn't have to carry them aroung the whole day...unless you want too!