Saturday, July 18, 2009

Only a vest

The longer I look around the wedding blog world the more I really want my own wedding to feel simple and casual (of I'm still all about the details but just not the glitz and glamour that takes over so many weddings). And with this desire for the casual feel, along with the goal of doing it all on a conservative budget, I really like the idea of dressing the groom and his men in dress pants, white collared long sleeve shirt & vests rather then go the suit route. The pants & shirts can come from their closets and the vests can be made the same time that the dresses are.

I especially like this look, with the addition of a hat.

{via Stephanie Williams Photography}

Granted I suppose this would be one aspect of wedding planning that the One Day A Groom should have an input in but lets just pretend that in a prefect world I get to make all the decisions and I say "Vests for all the boys!"

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