Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bridesmaids: Dresses & Shoes

A few months ago when I settled on gray & yellow with turquoise accents for my colors, MOH K helped come up with these inspiration boards for each girls outfits, which I sent out in an email to them so they would have an idea of what they would be wearing.

{source: Unknown - unfortunately I lost all of the links to these pictures as they were stored in a Word document}

The Dresses:

My future MIL is an extremely talented seamstress and I'm very lucky to have her helping me.

{Personal Photo: Bridesmaid dresses in a rough silk that she made for a wedding in 2009}

She is taking these dress pictures and finding similar patterns to make each girl their own dress. She is having a little difficulty grasping the idea of the word INSPIRATION, as she keeps worrying about finding the right grey materials for each dress and whether they would be the right weight. She definitely didn't like MOH K & my cotton fabric pick, as she though it would wrinkle but we where looking for casual...I can wear this dress again...verses the typical bridal fabrics that no matter how convincing you say "This is something I'll wear again" you know it's a lie.

We finally settled on a crepe fabric which we will use the non shiny side of. We purchased the material when I still had 4 bridesmaids but it was on sale and cost me $120.

Details on making the dresses to come in future posts.

The Shoes:

Last spring the idea of finding yellow shoes seemed very easy as they seemed to be in every store window but when we actually started looking for specific shoes we were coming up dry. As the ceremony is going to take place on grass, high heels will not be the best option. Not to mention that the only bridesmaid that wears heels on a regular bases in the 5'10'' MOH K, the 5'3" MOH M and BM K are more of ballet flats and sandals type of girls.

So our search was limited to yellow flats and sandals. Since I planned for them to wear tights, sandals with the thong between the toes was also out. Trips to Mall of America and Las Vegas turned up with nothing.

I was starting to worry that they would have to go with the back up plan of grey or blue shoes with yellow clips.

And then MOH K came through again and sent me the link for shoeocean.com, not only are the a lot of yellow flats to pick from but they are all less then $20! So now I'm waiting to hear back from the three of them of what they like so that I can put in an order and save on shipping.


Stay tuned for the BM's accessories...

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  1. WOW!! I love the boards you guys came up with!! I like all the unique touches - different tights and hair pieces. Can't wait to see it all come together!!

    Also - LOVE seeing all this blogging :)