Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creating our Save the Dates: Step 4 - Putting it all together

Once I had everything printed and cut, my final step, before I could mail them off to friends and family members, was adhering the sticker to the invitation.

This is where the stitching I mentioned in Step 3 comes in.

As the sticker needs to be functional it had to stay on its backing, so I placed one sticker on each invitation and used my sewing machine to stitch it onto the Kraft paper. I used a turquoise thread that I had in the house that matched the text on the invitation quite nicely.

Originally I was going to stitch down the length of either side of the invitation but I didn't like the final product so I opted to stitch a border around the sticker.

I also wasn't sure what type of stitching to do so I ran it through the machine a few times on different settings. I realized quickly that the stitching couldn't be too close together or it would eat through the paper, completely detaching the sticker end from the rest of the invitation.

Here is the end product... (please excuse the bad lighting, I took these pictures after midnight in our dining room while my Mr slept in the other room)...I was very happy how they turned out in the end.

I ended up making just shy of 80 Save the Dates, not enough to send to everyone on our growing guest list but I only wanted to give them to the family and friends that I knew I would be inviting for sure, and wanted them to have enough notice to schedule the date.

I saved some stamps by including them with our annual Christmas cards, hence why I HAD to get them out in December.

The best feed back I received was actually from one of my employers who told me that his wife and sister both thought it was very unique and nice. As I NEVER talk about my wedding plans with him he didn't realize how much a comment like that would mean to me, which made it all the more meaningful. It made my day when he told me.

On a side note, I was surprised how many people haven't actually used the sticker on their calendar yet and just have it on their fridge. In fact there were a few that didn't even know there was a sticker, so in hindsight I probably should have worded it "Use this sticker to Mark Your Calendar" rather than the shortened version of "Mark Your Calendar" but I had thought it was obvious as had my friends that had proofed it.

What are your thoughts? Did your Save the Dates turn out the way you wanted? Were you surprised by any of the feedback?

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  1. First off I just love your website i'll be spending an entire 3 days reading your past few years of blogging. My save the dates turned out exactly how I imagined I ordered luggage tags online that were little flip flops however people seem to not know that if they take out the Save the Date part out of the Luggage Tag there is a Name, Address and Phone number section for them to include their information and actually use the luggage tag for their bags. Ooops I should have told people somehow.