Friday, February 11, 2011

A Happy Bride is a Healthy Bride: Improving my Posture

I've never maintained proper posture. I remember my father pulling my shoulders back as I sat in front of the TV Saturday mornings, reminding me to sit up straight but as soon as he walked out of the room, and sometimes even before, I would return to my slouching. I thought it was more 'comfortable'. Why don't I listen!!

And then came puberty. Lets just say that my girls are not light weights. With the combination of bad habits and my reluctance to appear like I'm sticking my chest out, on the believe that this will make my breasts look even bigger, I continue to slouch unconsciously to this date.

My mister has taken on my father's role of reminding me to stand out straight, which tends to be annoying and I return said comments with a snarky one of my own about how he should try hauling these puppies around (referring to my breasts of course!). But he's completely right, I just hate the reminder.

On Tuesday I received the proofs for my professional shoot for work. I had to choose 2 pictures out of 14 proofs. I had remembered to dress appropriately and even touched up my makeup before I had gotten them taken. I thought I had been making an effort to stand up straight and yet this is the type of pose I got to choose from...

{Personal Photo}

It's not my worst slouch but this is definitely NOT how I want to look on my wedding day. I would like to prevent rounded shoulders in my wedding pictures...heck in ANY picture going forward.

Poor posture doesn't just making your shoulders look rounded, but your breast look saggy and stomach seems to stick out more.

After thinking about this Tuesday night, I showed up at the gym on Wednesday morning to be lectured by one of the trainers, that has been away for the last year in Australia, about how I need to stand up straight and have better posture.

Feels like a SIGN to do

So when I got to work on Thursday, I ordered a stability ball from our affiliated fitness supply store and had my assistant pick it up while she was doing errands. I'm now using this as my office chair.


Because of my height, I'm 5'7", I went with the 65cm (medium) sized ball and had it firmly inflated which has less resistance to movement, meaning it rolls more smoothly and present more of a balance challenge.

On top of forcing me to maintain better posture at my desk, I will also be working my core muscles while I maintain balance. So far I'm really enjoying it.

And if nothing else, when I'm getting a little bored staring at my computer screen entering in payables or working on a spread sheet I can take a mini break to bounce up and down on my ball. {Full Disclosure: I'm currently bouncing right now as I listen to music and type this.}

What do you think? Anyone else use a stability ball instead of a chair at their office? Or do you have other suggestions of things I should try to build up my back strength and improve my posture BEFORE the wedding day?

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