Saturday, February 19, 2011

Creating our Save the Dates: Step 1 - Deciding what to do.

**Sorry, I owe you a few posts. I was away for the long weekend and didn't get these done before I left!**

Sometimes I feel out of place as a bride because picking out flowers and my dress aren't that exciting for me. Don't get me wrong, I want to look good but that's about the limit of my interest.
But then mention stationary and I could talk for days. I am completely obsessed with creating a cohesive invitation set for my wedding. Having my Save the Dates, Invitations & Thank yous all match is extremely important to me.

So when December was fast approaching and I had yet to decide on what I would be doing for my Save the Dates I started stressing out. I had anxiety nightmares about my wedding and even started having "writer's block" for my blog as I couldn't think of anything else.

And then it came to me, and all was good in the world again...

I didn't want to do the engagement photo save the date as I had already sent out Christmas cards in 2009 with a professional picture of us, using Shutterfly.

{Personal Image}

I also didn't want to do a calendar. Although I think they are really cute and love a lot of the ideas out there, there are A LOT of them out there and I wanted something a little more unique. But I also wanted something that was practical and would help people remember when our wedding was. So I searched through the websites and images that google gave me and finally found these...


They definitely aren't a new idea, coming from the Winter 2007 Martha Stewart's Wedding magazine but in the three years that I have been following wedding blogs I don't remember seeing them featured. So I was sold.

What do you think of stickers verses mini calendars? Did you even have Save the Dates?

Next Step, finding the right fonts...

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