Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Get Physical...

Like any bride, I want to look fantastic on my wedding day and in pictures. One of the most obvious areas I feel I need to work on is my weight.

(Let me note: I am only 20lbs overweight and my ideal weight is maybe another 15lbs less then that. I am healthy and don't have a huge complex about my body but I would like to eliminate the extra bits of fat that will gather around the bodice of my wedding dress and back, no double chin for me please!)

One of the many perks of working where I do, is that I attend a gym with personal trainers for free as this is one of the companies my employer owns. They tailor a workout program and diet plan for me specifically.

I actually started working out in October 2009, months before I was engaged, because I wanted to be healthy and fit for me not just my wedding day, and started to make a noticeable difference to my physical appearance, losing inches off my waist among other places. Unfortunately I am NOT great at maintaining weight lose. It's the DIET restrictions that do me in every time. (I had attempted the U Weight Loss program in October 2007 and lost 20lbs by January 2008...once I stopped following the diet though...)

I LOVE to eat and manage to talk myself out of eating healthy in lieu of donuts, pasta and pizza. I am quite aware that I'm an emotional eater and that when times of stress come up I grab something full of carbs.

This time though, I had stuck with my workouts even though I've been indulging in sweets. I've just eaten so poorly that I've gained back most of what I had lost. So when I look at my calendar and see that I have approximately 7 months to fit perfectly into my dress I figure I better start getting back in gear so that I lose the weight in a healthy way rather then rushing around 2 weeks prior to the wedding to find a quick fix diet that starves me and has me fainting while I walk down the aisle.

So here is too months of healthy eating and using you to keep me accountable!

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