Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making the Playlist: Adding a little Metal


My mister and I are self proclaimed geeks, not that we need to tell you that, merely get us talking on our favorite obsessions and you will know.

My love falls more to romance novels, Joss Whedon's television shows, and EXCEL (I love me a good spreadsheet with IF statements). But my mister's heart falls for video games, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and....... Heavy Metal. He doesn't own one black t-shirt with a metal band on it, he owns close to 40 (in fact I just asked him and he said he'd have to count as he isn't sure if it's 30 or 40). He has an entire shelf dedicated in his dresser for these shirts.

With that said, Heavy Metal is not a typical wedding song music, regardless of the sub genre it isn't the type of music you expect to here on some one's wedding. But because this music means so much to him I really want to incorporate it in our day. So I decided to ask trusty Google for help and was pointed to forum threads similar to my question. Sadly, not being a fan myself most of the bands and titles are Greek to me.

This is definitely something that I will need to get him to research. I am thinking that our pre-ceremony music and possibly the bridal party and my procession down the aisle can be a playlist of Metal. And before everyone starts thinking I'm planning to head bang down the aisle here is an example of the type of metal I am referring to (although I would probably stick more to the instrumentals):

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