Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making the Playlist: At Last

Because of we would like to stay as close to budget as possible and cutting the guest list isn't an option with the size of my family, other costs need to be trimmed. One of those items is hiring a professional DJ. Although paying the extra money to have someone else look after everything is extremely tempting and I'll be honest...I may still cave and hirer one...the savings of doing it ourselves currently out weighs the other option.

My plan is to compile playlists for the entire event and have one of my close friends monitor the mp3 player & sound system for the night.

(Please note that this close friend does not enjoy socializing with what he terms 'parents' even though we are now old enough to have our own families, so he is more then happy to be responsible for this task - I will, though, have someone set up as a backup so it isn't too much like work for him!)

Currently I have broken the playlists down as such:
  1. Pre-ceremony - 1 hour
  2. Beginning of Ceremony
  3. "Here comes the Bride" - but something different
  4. End of Ceremony
  5. Cocktail Hour - 2.5 hours
  6. Announcing the "New Couple" Pre-Reception
  7. Reception - 3 hrs
  8. First Dance
  9. Father/Daughter
  10. Lets Dance the Night Away -5-6hours

I do not actually have any songs picked for these playlists though and that is what I need to start working on.

Quite a few years ago I was watching a Celebrity InStyle Wedding Specials on TV and they played Etta James's "At Last" while they showed the couple leaving the church. I don't know or more specifically, remember whether this was a song choice of the couple or if the producers just dubbed it over these shots but I do know that I have since thought that that would be a great song to walk out on at the end of the Ceremony.

It is also a possible first dance...and if all else fails...Cocktail hour music! What do you think?

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