Monday, November 8, 2010

Choosing My Vendors - Let's Eat Cake!

When deciding on my wedding cake I knew what I wanted. That was simple, delicious and NO FONDANT. I really don't like the stuff and think that 'messy' butter cream icing looks and tastes much better.

Then I saw these adorable mini cakes from Leslie & Jamie's wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes and knew this is what I had to have.

{Via Green Wedding Shoes}

Because I am trying to stay as close to the $10,000 budget as I can (so much harder then I originally thought) having them professionally done was out of question. So I started to brain storm with my best friend on how we could logistically make this work as a DIY project. Not impossible but definitely a lot of work. Something I was willing to do though.

And then my sister generously offered to pay for the cost of professional cakes! Have I mentioned how awesome she is before?

So then I set out to find a delicious baker that wouldn't rob us blind. My first inquiry was a bust. I sent them pictures of the exact cakes, explaining that I wanted each cake to serve 2 people and how I wanted them decorated. They emailed back with what they did, which was a smaller cake in fondant, serving one person and costing twice what I wanted to spend. They didn't even comment on what I asked for, completely ignoring it. They were out. I was starting to doubt that I would find what I wanted and would have to make them myself when my future mother-in-law mentioned that she was talking to her vet about our wedding and she mentioned her friend that just opened a cake bakery called Cake-ology and I should contact her.

I sent her the same information as I did the previous companies and she responded with enthusiasm that she could definitely make what I wanted and what was even better was that she would charge me an extremely reasonable price. We met to go over details and do a taste test and were absolutely sold! She is wonderful and I can't wait to see the final product.

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