Friday, August 12, 2011

The Ceremony: Making an Entrance

4:00pm has finally arrived, I'm speeding walking behind some trees to be in my spot when the DJ starts to play "Master of the Wind" by Manowar which is the cue for the guys to start making their way to the ceremony.

The song is just over 5 minutes long so it was more then enough time to get the guys to the alter and my Mr with his parents.

When my MIL saw that both of my parents would be walking me down the aisle she requested that my FIL also join her in escorting my Mr to the alter.

Now remember when I mentioned during the rehearsal my Mr and his parents weren't paying attention? Well this is why...when they turned onto the grass they made a beeline to the alter, skipping the middle aisle completely and just coming in from the side. How they didn't notice the groomsmen walking down the aisle minute before them, I have no idea. Since I was behind the trees, out of my Mr's view (he hasn't seen me since Friday as he opted out of the "First Look" picture session) I didn't get to see them mess up and don't really care as he made it to the alter and that's what matters...right?! But it is very typical of the three of them not to realize that there was actually a plan and to just do their own thing.

 At the alter (I've been calling it alter, even though this isn't a religious ceremony for lack of a better word so go with it please), my Mr hugs his parents before they take their seats and he joins his groomsmen.

And then the music changed to the instrumental "Evenstar" from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, the cue for my bridesmaids to start their walk up the aisle.

First, my BM K...

 And then MOH K...
 Lastly, MOH M
(guest picture of our singer)

 Once they all made it to the alter, my friend, MOH K's SIL, started to sing a slightly revised version of "May It Be" by Enya (also from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack) which was my cue to start my walk up the aisle with my parents on either side of me.

By slightly revised, I mean that a few of the lyrics were depressing so my friend tweeted them abit:
May it be an evening star

Shines down upon you
May it be when troubles fall
Your hearts will be true
You won't walk a lonely road
Oh! How you have found a home

Mornie utúlië
Love has helped you find your way
Mornie alantië
A promise lives within you now

This is about the point where I notice everyone that is waiting for us and it hits me that all of these people came to see US and I'm overwhelmed with how luckily and loved we are...long story short...this is when the water works started for me and didn't really stop until the end of the night. I never thought I would be a crier during my wedding but apparently it can happen to the best of us!

And now that we are all where we are suppose to be, the ceremony can begin...

{Unless otherwise creditted, all photos taken by Darren Hull Studios}

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